Taper Blues

What a crazy busy week.

Hanna First Day


I started school. Big Kids started school (including one very upset, dramatic daughter that had to switch back into our district from our beloved charter school-she aged out of). Appointments. Open houses. Paperwork. The Last race in my volunteer race series.

Oh my.

To also round out this crazy week I had my last long run before my half marathon next Sunday.

It’s Taper Time.

I.e. eat all the food and stress about not running. Like my body will suddenly forget how to run long in 6 days or something.


So my week is looking like:

Monday: 4 miles w/HIIT (strength)

Harper Stroller


Tuesday 3.1 miles. w/Arms (strength)

Wed. Rest (blarghhh), Pilates Core w/Kettlebell

Thursday 3.1 miles, w/Glute-Legs (strength)

Friday cross train (or maybe just run 4)

Saturday rest (sighhhh)-Full

Sunday RUN ALL THE MILES! (well 13.1 anyway)

This may seem reasonable, but I don’t wanna (whinnnee).

(note* I use BodyFit By Amy video’s for my strength training. This is the kb I use and LOVE in the 15 and 20lb **affiliate)

Ok so you also may ask, why taper?

Galen Kid's Run

Running His Best Race Ever!

Well the idea is to give the same intensity but run fewer miles, which will allow your legs a rest period. You’ll also want to raise glycogen levels, and conserve energy. It doesn’t mean you don’t do anything and stuff your face with pasta (why not?). But you take it easier and eat QUALITY energy foods (sweet potato over white bread etc).

Wish me luck!

Have you ever trained for a distance race? How do you plan your taper blues?



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