I Saw I Ran I Conquered

Ok, maybe conquered is a stretch.

Half Marathon Finish

So Happy…. to be done!

But I ran all 13.1 of those miles with a smile plastered on my face (except the stretch of shade-less unstably paved up hill of misery from about mile 11 to 12, then I had more of a pained grimace…).

I discovered something important also while running around mile 5. My cheap ear buds kicked out (I really could use a rec on some bluetooth ones that aren’t a zillion dollars that will last) and so i jammed them into my butt pocket of my Under Armour Capris (best! also that’s a shameless affiliate link) and went on my merry way. This course is absolutely calm-inducing as it runs along a watershed lake. So there’s no houses or noises and the cool breeze off the lake is magical. And the weather was perrrrrfect.

So my watch alerted me of my split time after mile 6. Wahhttt? 30 seconds faster than my last few miles. Huh. Must be a fluke. No fluke, the pattern continued and I am kicking myself for not ditching the ear buds sooner. I’d love to hear from others that experience this. I am thinking it messes with my cadence. And I will be reading up on this and experimenting more with tech free.

Harper with running watch

He is so freaking cute, no baby my watch isn’t a phone. But you go ahead.

I mentioned I started school again right? It’s crazy. I’M crazy. Four kids, 3 in 3 different schools. Dealing with mini-heathens sensory processing issues. Volunteer work. A husband working 50-60 hour weeks and why not?

Micro heathen is cresting the 18 month mark. Big. Fat. Tears. My little baby. He’s also driving me absolutely batshhh crazy. He climbs on everything.


We have no kitchen chairs, we had to redo our entertainment center and hubs had to engineer a Heathen-Proof gate on the stairs. Which is impressive.

Well I need time to do school work and he needs an outlet. So we officially toured a preschool.

All the feels.

Harper on ramp

You mean I can just… climb this? You aren’t gonna pull me off?

He did soooo amazing in the environment. Like i saw his little wheels turning and watched him benefit for the very few hours we visited. I decided not only did *I* need this, *HE* really needed it too. So in a few weeks I’ll officially have 4 kids in 4 different schools.

Pray, wish, think, send well wishing pigeons, whatever floats your boat, send the positive to me.

Luckily Micro will only be going two very short days a week.

And I know I’m a big slacker on my posts lately, but I think I’m finally finding a rhythm and you’ll hear more from me soon. More recipes (i made a cherry cobbler and zomggg…) more running fun, and probably more SPD info now that Mini is back in school and will be starting his therapies up.



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