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Totally stuck on what to update, I need to pick a direction for my blog, and yet I can’t seem to settle on which one.

See the latest core post here.

Story of my life truly.

sam running

Look at my boy go!

Meanwhile we have school, preschool, drama club, cross country, chorus,  band, college, appointments, exams, birthday parties… No wonder I got nothing right now.

I’m additionally struggling with how to deal with my health going forward. Lets be honest I’m not a huge fan of modern medicine and doctors. They all sound like they are reading off a teleprompter from a pharmaceutical company. It’s not my cup of tea. However, seeing a holistic practitioner is impractical financially right now. But I’ve noticed that I seem to be lacking energy, and I’m still constantly bloated and tired despite a grain free diet rich in whole foods and a demanding workout schedule I adhere too. I’m wanting to explore food

Le Moi

sensitivity testing and get some basic blood work done. and figure out why I cannot stay out of the peanut butter jar (I’m craving fats like no ones biznass). And my weight is still higher than I want it to be, I have actually gained around 8lbs back.

Calorie counting wasn’t good for my mental state though, so I need to strike a balance.

I’ve decided to read more on adrenal fatigue. There’s a good article here about it. I have to get back on the tea-train, even though I pretty much detest making and drinking tea (I know, I’m a terrible crunchy granola).

So until next time, I’ll try to formulate a general direction to take this show-boat…

Do you know about adrenal fatigue? Have you had food sensitivity testing? What was your take-away?

Aside: What do you want to see more of on the blog? I need some halp!







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