Balloons and Blueberries and Cherries Oh My…

Our little community does a unique little festival every year.

Horton Hears A Who Balloon

This is Moon Glow, unusual specialty balloons they light up in the evening


Hot Air Balloons

These are just 2 of the many, so amazing to watch them launch.


Hot air balloons.

And of course leave it to my community to build a whole festival around something as tenuous as launching balloons (it’s apparently a very weather fickle thing, leading to lots of delays or outright cancellations lol).

But when they do go up it’s total magic.

And it makes me realize that my little community that sometimes takes a lot of sh… and has been mislabeled trash town, is actually really uniquely beautiful. Bridges abound, historic mills, green spaces and historic mansions. There’s also working farms and community markets.

Bridge and Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon over just one of several bridges


I digress. But really, how pretty are these?





Also due to the generosity of family with some kind of “it fell off the truck” connections, I have approximately 4939392 lbs of blueberries and cherries.


Blueberries…And More blueberries…And grabby toddler

So. Many.

And as I stood for 3 hours yesterday pitting cherries I remember why we’ve failed miserably at our homesteading attempts.

Processing food sucks.

I pretty much wanted to drive the knife in my eye by the time I had filled my dehydrator and 2 gallon sized freezer bags. Plus my kitchen looked like I butchered or sacrificed an animal. I’m pretty sure they use cherry juice in horror films to emulate blood.

I have no idea what to do with all these. So I froze 90% of them.


Cherries …. Cherries… And oh look grabby Toddler

I needs some recipes. Pinterest overwhelms. I am seeking low or no refined sugar PRESERVABLE jam or jelly or compote or pie filling type recipes. No swerve or splenda or whatever other gross sugar substitute either.

I see a Very Cherry Christmas coming.

I’d also love handmade gift ideas. Preferably including jams and jellies haha.

Send them to meeeee!

(I know this is a short lame post, but schools getting ready to start and it’s race weekend, and I just ran 12.1 miles on the treadmill and my hip aches. I’ll pour a little more effort into the next, promise.)



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