Busy Busy Writers Block


Totally stuck on what to update, I need to pick a direction for my blog, and yet I can’t seem to settle on which one.

See the latest core post here.

Story of my life truly.

sam running

Look at my boy go!

Meanwhile we have school, preschool, drama club, cross country, chorus,  band, college, appointments, exams, birthday parties… No wonder I got nothing right now.

I’m additionally struggling with how to deal with my health going forward. Lets be honest I’m not a huge fan of modern medicine and doctors. They all sound like they are reading off a teleprompter from a pharmaceutical company. It’s not my cup of tea. However, seeing a holistic practitioner is impractical financially right now. But I’ve noticed that I seem to be lacking energy, and I’m still constantly bloated and tired despite a grain free diet rich in whole foods and a demanding workout schedule I adhere too. I’m wanting to explore food

Le Moi

sensitivity testing and get some basic blood work done. and figure out why I cannot stay out of the peanut butter jar (I’m craving fats like no ones biznass). And my weight is still higher than I want it to be, I have actually gained around 8lbs back.

Calorie counting wasn’t good for my mental state though, so I need to strike a balance.

I’ve decided to read more on adrenal fatigue. There’s a good article here about it. I have to get back on the tea-train, even though I pretty much detest making and drinking tea (I know, I’m a terrible crunchy granola).

So until next time, I’ll try to formulate a general direction to take this show-boat…

Do you know about adrenal fatigue? Have you had food sensitivity testing? What was your take-away?

Aside: What do you want to see more of on the blog? I need some halp!







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At The Core Of It Four: Exercise Highlight- Clamshells

*note: post contains some affiliate links, all are products I personally have used/use

This is the fourth post in a series called At The Core Of It, you can find the others here: 1, 2 & 3

Boom Chicka Boom

Note, adorable baby that has nothing to do with this post.

Harper in stroller

Pushing this meatball on my runs also helps my weak-a… glutes.

When you say clamshells I think of Hawaiian belly dancers in grass skirts and clamshell bras swaying.

But these seriously under-rated and deceptively simple exercises are actually a hidden glute building gem.

Most of us with weak glutes (yes even me) struggle with something called glute activation.

Runner’s world does a great article on “Hibernating Heinies” that talks about glute activation.

There are several good glute activators, including the traditional donkey kicks and glute kickbacks (these are made better using resistance bands or small dumbbells). Today I want to look at the clamshell.

Gotta love these names right?

Clamshells are exactly how they sound. You get on your side and make a clam with your legs stacked and angled and you open and close.

Oversimplified, I’ll get into the meat of that clam in just a second.

Clamshells strengthen your hip flexors, more to the point:

  • The gluteus medius is the main abductor and external rotator of the hip.
  • The gluteus maximus extends the hip and assists with abduction and external rotation.

Strong hip flexors = LESS knee borne injuries while running (IT band syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome etc).

How do you clam?

Here is a great YouTube video that breaks it down. From here you can do several variations of the clamshell to work different parts of the flexors. Do not forget to do the same on BOTH sides.


GLUTES ACTIVATE! (makes light saber noise)

Do you clamshell? What are some of your go to glute exercises? Do you struggle with weak glutes?



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I Saw I Ran I Conquered

Ok, maybe conquered is a stretch.

Half Marathon Finish

So Happy…. to be done!

But I ran all 13.1 of those miles with a smile plastered on my face (except the stretch of shade-less unstably paved up hill of misery from about mile 11 to 12, then I had more of a pained grimace…).

I discovered something important also while running around mile 5. My cheap ear buds kicked out (I really could use a rec on some bluetooth ones that aren’t a zillion dollars that will last) and so i jammed them into my butt pocket of my Under Armour Capris (best! also that’s a shameless affiliate link) and went on my merry way. This course is absolutely calm-inducing as it runs along a watershed lake. So there’s no houses or noises and the cool breeze off the lake is magical. And the weather was perrrrrfect.

So my watch alerted me of my split time after mile 6. Wahhttt? 30 seconds faster than my last few miles. Huh. Must be a fluke. No fluke, the pattern continued and I am kicking myself for not ditching the ear buds sooner. I’d love to hear from others that experience this. I am thinking it messes with my cadence. And I will be reading up on this and experimenting more with tech free.

Harper with running watch

He is so freaking cute, no baby my watch isn’t a phone. But you go ahead.

I mentioned I started school again right? It’s crazy. I’M crazy. Four kids, 3 in 3 different schools. Dealing with mini-heathens sensory processing issues. Volunteer work. A husband working 50-60 hour weeks and why not?

Micro heathen is cresting the 18 month mark. Big. Fat. Tears. My little baby. He’s also driving me absolutely batshhh crazy. He climbs on everything.


We have no kitchen chairs, we had to redo our entertainment center and hubs had to engineer a Heathen-Proof gate on the stairs. Which is impressive.

Well I need time to do school work and he needs an outlet. So we officially toured a preschool.

All the feels.

Harper on ramp

You mean I can just… climb this? You aren’t gonna pull me off?

He did soooo amazing in the environment. Like i saw his little wheels turning and watched him benefit for the very few hours we visited. I decided not only did *I* need this, *HE* really needed it too. So in a few weeks I’ll officially have 4 kids in 4 different schools.

Pray, wish, think, send well wishing pigeons, whatever floats your boat, send the positive to me.

Luckily Micro will only be going two very short days a week.

And I know I’m a big slacker on my posts lately, but I think I’m finally finding a rhythm and you’ll hear more from me soon. More recipes (i made a cherry cobbler and zomggg…) more running fun, and probably more SPD info now that Mini is back in school and will be starting his therapies up.



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Taper Blues

What a crazy busy week.

Hanna First Day


I started school. Big Kids started school (including one very upset, dramatic daughter that had to switch back into our district from our beloved charter school-she aged out of). Appointments. Open houses. Paperwork. The Last race in my volunteer race series.

Oh my.

To also round out this crazy week I had my last long run before my half marathon next Sunday.

It’s Taper Time.

I.e. eat all the food and stress about not running. Like my body will suddenly forget how to run long in 6 days or something.


So my week is looking like:

Monday: 4 miles w/HIIT (strength)

Harper Stroller


Tuesday 3.1 miles. w/Arms (strength)

Wed. Rest (blarghhh), Pilates Core w/Kettlebell

Thursday 3.1 miles, w/Glute-Legs (strength)

Friday cross train (or maybe just run 4)

Saturday rest (sighhhh)-Full

Sunday RUN ALL THE MILES! (well 13.1 anyway)

This may seem reasonable, but I don’t wanna (whinnnee).

(note* I use BodyFit By Amy video’s for my strength training. This is the kb I use and LOVE in the 15 and 20lb **affiliate)

Ok so you also may ask, why taper?

Galen Kid's Run

Running His Best Race Ever!

Well the idea is to give the same intensity but run fewer miles, which will allow your legs a rest period. You’ll also want to raise glycogen levels, and conserve energy. It doesn’t mean you don’t do anything and stuff your face with pasta (why not?). But you take it easier and eat QUALITY energy foods (sweet potato over white bread etc).

Wish me luck!

Have you ever trained for a distance race? How do you plan your taper blues?



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Balloons and Blueberries and Cherries Oh My…

Our little community does a unique little festival every year.

Horton Hears A Who Balloon

This is Moon Glow, unusual specialty balloons they light up in the evening


Hot Air Balloons

These are just 2 of the many, so amazing to watch them launch.


Hot air balloons.

And of course leave it to my community to build a whole festival around something as tenuous as launching balloons (it’s apparently a very weather fickle thing, leading to lots of delays or outright cancellations lol).

But when they do go up it’s total magic.

And it makes me realize that my little community that sometimes takes a lot of sh… and has been mislabeled trash town, is actually really uniquely beautiful. Bridges abound, historic mills, green spaces and historic mansions. There’s also working farms and community markets.

Bridge and Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon over just one of several bridges


I digress. But really, how pretty are these?





Also due to the generosity of family with some kind of “it fell off the truck” connections, I have approximately 4939392 lbs of blueberries and cherries.


Blueberries…And More blueberries…And grabby toddler

So. Many.

And as I stood for 3 hours yesterday pitting cherries I remember why we’ve failed miserably at our homesteading attempts.

Processing food sucks.

I pretty much wanted to drive the knife in my eye by the time I had filled my dehydrator and 2 gallon sized freezer bags. Plus my kitchen looked like I butchered or sacrificed an animal. I’m pretty sure they use cherry juice in horror films to emulate blood.

I have no idea what to do with all these. So I froze 90% of them.


Cherries …. Cherries… And oh look grabby Toddler

I needs some recipes. Pinterest overwhelms. I am seeking low or no refined sugar PRESERVABLE jam or jelly or compote or pie filling type recipes. No swerve or splenda or whatever other gross sugar substitute either.

I see a Very Cherry Christmas coming.

I’d also love handmade gift ideas. Preferably including jams and jellies haha.

Send them to meeeee!

(I know this is a short lame post, but schools getting ready to start and it’s race weekend, and I just ran 12.1 miles on the treadmill and my hip aches. I’ll pour a little more effort into the next, promise.)



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Will Run For Pancakes-Adapted Recipe Included


I really truly promise I have another At The Core of It post coming soon (see here for 1, 2 and 3) where I’ll be targeting under-rated and under-used exercises.



And for those who are curious, my sauerkraut is kickin’ butt and frothing away. For my post on that, see here.

I used to follow Church of the Long Run on Sundays, but lately Saturday mornings have just worked better. Since our accident (read about that here), I’ve had a lot of hip and shoulder pain and discomfort and have been seeing a chiropractor (I like to also call him Dr. Sadist, because seriously I’ve never seen someone more excited to snap my neck). So I’ve been stuck on the treadmill (dreadmill) since it’s flat and lower impact.

Such a small seeming incident has really impacted my summer along with this sticky summer head cold I’ve been rocking since my birthday (oh yeah read about that here.), I’m making grumpy cat faces left and right.

But alas, I pledged this week to pound the pavement and trail to get my long run in, because darned if I was gonna let a little thing like nagging pain and a blocked ear keep me inside on the fake track again.

Hello eleven painfully slow miles. However blissful with fresh breezy pre fall air and at least 4 of those miles were on a lake trail with loons and views… it was worth it.

So were these Coconut Flour pancakes and bacon my one-true-love whipped up (with explicitly clear recipe and notes and instruction :)) for me.

Ingredients for pancakes

The makings of Magic!

I am currently following a grain/lactose/refined sugar free diet. I was having specific symptoms and I think I’ve finally figured out what has triggered them. So I’ll likely re introduce some grains. Because I’ve weirdly missed oatmeal. I will also be taking a stab at sourdough, which will be another fun fermentation post.

I used this recipe by Leelalicious for her Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes.

I did make some changes, so I’ll share my adapted version. Maybe I have been without delicious pancakes for too long. But these were so very close to the real thing, I was happily fooled.



Print Recipe
Fluffy Coconut Pancakes-Adapted from Leelalicious
Delicious Grain Free Pancake recipe adapted from Leelalicious *Recipe contains affiliate links
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
  • 1/4 cup coconut flour I use this brand
  • 1/8 cup arrowroot powder I use this brand
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon optional
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 large eggs room temperature (if using coconut oil this is important)
  • 2 tablespoons melted coconut oil or butter
  • 1/4 cup + goats milk I have also used coconut or almond milk with success
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup (can use less or use honey)
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla Optional-I use this brand
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
  • 1/4 cup coconut flour I use this brand
  • 1/8 cup arrowroot powder I use this brand
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon optional
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 large eggs room temperature (if using coconut oil this is important)
  • 2 tablespoons melted coconut oil or butter
  • 1/4 cup + goats milk I have also used coconut or almond milk with success
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup (can use less or use honey)
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla Optional-I use this brand
  1. Heat your pan or griddle to medium low, make sure it's lightly greased
  2. In a small bowl whisk or sift together dry ingredients (coconut flour, arrowroot powder, baking soda, cinnamon, salt) until combined
  3. In a medium bowl, mix wet ingredients (eggs, oil, milk, maple syrup, vanilla)
  4. Add the dry mix and whisk until fully combined. Don't fear overmixing, there's no gluten. *If batter appears too thick (it will be a bit thicker than regular pancake batter, but if it’s looking like biscuit dough add a little extra liquid (1tbsp at a time)*
  5. Let the batter stand for at least 5 minutes. It will thicken as the coconut flour absorbs much of the liquid. The batter should be really paste-y thick after resting. If its dry and clumpy, add the milk 1 tablespoon at a time, until a thick batter forms.
  6. Drop 2 tablespoons of batter per pancake onto the preheated and spread the batter out a little, I pat it down with a wide flat spatula. You want these to be small tea-cake sized. Only cook one at a time, my SO tried cramming all of them on a small round griddle pan at once and he didn’t have a good time flipping haha. You’ll need to use care and maybe an extra spatula or fork to help with the flip. Cook for about 3 min,. Then cook the other side for a couple more minutes.
  7. Keep a close eye- they burn easily
  8. I’ve eaten these hot (best) and lukewarm (still yummy), I have not yet tried freezing them
  9. Suggested sides: bacon, fruit, more bacon and maybe some tasty maple sausages
Recipe Notes

What are your go-to yummy breakfast recipes? Do you have dietary restrictions? How do you deal with them?

Please let me know if you try out my version and what your experience was! What changes did you make? Was it a success or a fail?

Til the next time-


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Wildly Fermented

*This post contains affiliate links-i need to come up with a better standard disclaimer. *Shrugs*

Fire Cider and Sauerkraut

So I’ve had some writers slump, mostly due to extreme busyness.

I keep sitting to write another post on Core Strength (See posts 1, 2 & 3 if you are curious). And I’m stuck on the direction I want to go in, and I would like to do a series of pictorial exercises. And all that requires a little more planning (i.e. cleaning a spot that I can use to film lol) than I have in me right now.

Well after writing my last post. And sucking down the last of my fire cider. I felt a renewed interest in fermenting. I have stuck to sauerkraut’s and fire cider. my ginger bugs and raw pickles have never come to fruition. Maybe I’ll take another stab at it.

Harper and Chicken

My New BF!

So this weekend instead of doing all the productive things I should do like declutter and reorganize my office or bedroom… or like… yard work (it’s looking a little jungle-y out there…). I pulled out my fermenting crock and ran around trying to find raw turmeric and horseradish in this forsaken tiny city I reside in (I failed btw).


First up fire cider. I loosely use this recipe from Mountain Rose Herb. The fire cider is pretty forgiving, add or omit similar ingredients as you will. I had to use dried turmeric and horseradish, which i wasn’t thrilled about

Fire Cider kraut supplies

Ingredients of mass-creation

but alas, this town doesn’t have any right now. I love Mountain Rose Herb’s products and practices and plan to place an order and plan some future posts on fermenting all the things.

Fire Cider is pretty simple. I mean. You just throw a bunch of stuff in a jar and cover it with RAW apple cider vinegar. I try to source most of my ingredients locally and use organic if I buy from the grocery stores. You don’t want to put forward the effort and use low quality stuff. Your base ingredients are :

  • Quart Mason Jar (line cap with parchment or wax paper or use a plastic screw top, other wise the vinegar can corrode it and that’s not tasty fire cider add ins)
  • Grated Ginger (1/2 cup ish)
  • Grated fresh Horseradish (1/2 cup ish) *note I could NOT find it in this in my town so I subbed 3 tbsp of dried
  • Grated fresh Turmeric (2 tbsp fresh or 1 tbsp if using dried)
  • Chopped medium onion
  • Garlic (10 cloves or so- crushed and peeled or roughly chopped)
  • Citrus (lemon,lime, orange etc- peel and all)
  • Hot pepper of sorts (I used some dried cayenne’s from my garden last year and some dried ancho chili’s I’d picked up at the local natural health store)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar -Raw Fermented
  • Raw Honey (this is actually optional and not used until after the infusion period is over)
Fire Cider Ingredients

Fire Cider Makins’

Everything else is gravy, although watch your volume, the jar should be about 2/3 full of stuffs, maybe slightly less, you want some actual cider from all this :).

Optional and tasty additions would be Rosemary (i used some dry), a little extra citrus (oranges lend a nice flavor, wish I had some!), Thyme, Peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon etc etc etc. They are very customizable.

Fire Cider in a jar

Behold the All Powerful Fire Cider!

Once ingredients are added to the jar, pour in ACV until just above ingredients. Using a lined or plastic cap, cap the jar and store in a cool dry dark place. Shake daily (I set a reminder since I am ever forgetful). After about a month the infusion should be complete. Strain with cheesecloth or fine mesh and add raw honey to taste (1/4 cup at a time-altho I start lower since we are less sweet in this piece). Store in fridge. Enjoy!

I plan to start a couple batches of this weekly so we have a replenishing supply. If I can’t stay on top of it there’s always Herbal Revolution Fire Tonic No. 9 ;).

Next up is the sauerkraut. And I’m not going to do a lengthy explanation today, but fermented foods are king. I recommend Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz, it’s the bible of Fermenting. At any rate fermented foods have great health benefits, particularly gut health. They are natural probiotics and great additions to any diet. I like making sauerkraut. Because a) it’s super easy and b) local and organic cabbage is uber cheap. There’s a good post on a simple method here.

Sauerkraut Ingredients

So messy a process. Cabbage. Cabbage everywhere.

Basically all you need is:

  • Large head of cabbage (organic or local preferable)
  • Sea Salt (non iodized)
  • Mason jar

Yep. That’s it. Although, I added carrots, ginger, onion and celery seed to my batch. I also use these fermenting crocks I randomly found at a off price discount outlet near here.

I chop the cabbage (remove tough core and toss or feed to your free loading chickens) and other up fine (you can use a food processor, but we aren’t that fancy). I set aside a couple large cabbage leaves to use to cover the final product and protect it from spoilage. I use my hands to mix the ingredients in a large bowl ( I use approx 4 lbs of cabbage mix and about 2-3 tbsp of sea salt). I let it sit and wilt down a bit. It’ll start releasing juices. We love those juices. Good stuff.

Packing the Sauerkraut Jar

Pound it down!

I then use my hands and pack the cabbage into my crock and pound the ever loving crap out of it. It’s kind of cathartic. You can use a wooden spoon or a ‘pounder’ of sorts like this one. But again, we aren’t so fancy here.

Keep pressing cabbage down until the juices rise up over the cabbage. You’ll then want to press down something to cover. Depending on your vessel, some use a plate or a stone. I use the large cabbage leaves. You’ll want some kind of weight pressing down the whole she-bang to keep the juice line over the cabbage (to prevent any spoilage). I rigged a jar filled with water under my cap (the cap also added down pressure). Store in cool dry locale.

Watch it, it’ll start bubbling within a day. It’s kinda neat. Also watch that the juice line stay up, and you may get some ‘scum’ which isn’t the same as spoil or mold. Skim it off and reset your weight. Start taste testing after a week, can take up to 2 weeks. It’ll taste pickle-y, crunchy and a little tart. If it’s bubbling it’s still fermenting. Once those bubbles stop or the taste is to your liking, jar it and stick it in the fridge. Do NOT heat can it, that basically kills all those good living probiotics you worked so hard for.

Fermenting Sauerkraut

Okay… is it done yet?

Do not heat pasteurize it, it defeats the purpose. Please.

Now we wait….

Do you ferment? What are your fermented foods of choice? What else would you like to know about fermented foods and the process? Maybe the next Not-A-Pro series will be on Fermentables ;).



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Your Crunchy Arsenal

FireCider*This post has affiliate links, all brands and items are ones I use and own and most can be sourced locally even at Walmart.


We had a wonderfully relaxing and magical time at camp.

Cabin on the lake

Sweet Cabin Escape

Except this weird sore throat that I kept waking up with. Then Saturday it turned into a full blown sore throat and fever. A FEVER. I’m thirty-frickin-seven and a momma I cannot get sick.

Oh and we are on vacation. Who gets sick on vacation?

Birthday Vacation at that. The indignity.

My kids were swimming like little fish and basking in the lake life and I’m on the screened in porch wrapped in a blanket cursing whatever germ taxi infected me…

Not to mention the nearest hospital is 50 minutes away in a little po-dunk backwoods town. They probably send doctors that fail the medical exam 45 times before they passed with a C- to practice there on the unwashed masses and recluses that inhabit these seriously isolated plateaus. The sparsely populated “towns” that are made up of 1/4 mobile homes (usually circa 1975), 1/4 shanty’s (I wish I was kidding, there are true shanty shacks up thatta way), 1/4 abandoned houses that the earth has at least half reclaimed and 1/4 beautiful overbuilt well tended well landscaped compounds (pretty sure these are mostly retirees, part time snow birds and long haul truckers). And this “town” is *50* minutes away. We are 4 miles into twisty camp tote roads that are half grass that’s off a twisty rutted paved road that’s off the major route that actually goes to said town….

Loon's at Sunset

Yes those are actual Loon’s at sunset.

It might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but it’s not a stretch by any means… And I am thankful I wasn’t really THAT sick.

So what did I bring? A band aid laden first aid kit, witch hazel, some kind of voodoo balm with jewelweed my mom made, Epsom salt… And apple cider vinegar.


Luckily I’ve always had luck with Epsom. For those that aren’t knowledged in the great salt soak wonder. This stuff is the bomb dot com. We modern human’s lack magnesium. Big time. Magnesium is the salt of the earth that we no longer dig our fingers into or walk barefoot in. Our bodies draw minerals straight through our dermis (skin) and it’s immediately bio-available. It also works to relax muscles and detox the body.

Epsom is Magnesium Sulfate, I use this brand but you can literally buy it in any drug store, department store even the dollar store I’m pretty sure.

It’s like a mini detox, used with a tepid bath (when running a fever you do not want a hot or cold bath, you want to regulate your body temp, so lukewarm or tepid is ideal).

Apple Cider Vinegar. The health experts proclaim this to cure it all. While I’m skeptical about all the things. I know for certain it prevents heart burn and is a mild probiotic. For those two reasons alone I take it every morning in warm water. I always have it with me. As an added benefit it acts to cool a fever. *Only use RAW FERMENTED ORGANIC ACV (or homemade), with that mother in it. Yeah that weird floaty stuff at the bottom is important.

So in addition to my Epsom bath I add a few drops of ACV to a tepid cloth and put it on my forehead. You can also add a few tbsp to a bath (be careful not to do too much). These 2 things are what I do with my kids as you don’t actually want to suppress a fever, they have a purpose in the body. I personally only ever “treat” a fever with suppressants when they need the rest more than they need the fever. Which ends up being rare. Maybe we’ll explore this in a later post. These did not cure me, but I was able to enjoy the last bit of my vacation more comfortably. And that’s all the counted.

babywearing blueberry picking

Picking wild blueberries with a wild heathen on my back.

What I wish I’d brought:

These items are now on my do not ffff-ing leave home without it list:

  • Fire Cider– Hands down my FAVORITE way to treat viral infections. You can sprinkle it on salads, take it by the spoonful. Eat it with some Raw Honey. Yummm. I’ve used this brand and Herbal Revolution’s fire tonic. Or you can make your own! Mountain Rose Herb has a recipe posted (I believe it’s Rosemary Gladstars recipe, I have a lot of her books, she’s AWESOME) here.
  • Elderflower and/or Catnip Tea- Elderflower tea is a natural diuretic, so be sure you only drink this until the fever breaks and that you are intaking plenty of fluids. It works by helping you ‘sweat it out’. Catnip is similar, though much milder and safe for little children. Just keep it far away from the felines.  I’m a huge herbal buff (amateur, though of course). Mostly thanks to my mom- she’s a true tree-hugging-dirt worshipping-steep-by-the-moonlight-crystal-reading-enigma. I love her anyway.
    • as an aside a few teas that I like to keep around (but do not take while I’m nursing/pregnant- kellymom has a great safe while lactating database I try to follow) Throat Coat (my oldest son LOVES this tea) and Cup of Calm (good for younger kids), plain old Chamomile (this is safe while nursing), Ginger and Gypsy Cold Care.

      tea cabinet

      Anyone else’s tea cabinet a hot mess? Just me?

  • Raw Honey, Ginger and Garlic– Frankly these 3 are the powerhouses. And I usually have them in my house at all times. And somehow I forgot them all this trip. I made do with garlic and jalapeno stuffed olives. Which while DELICIOUS aren’t the same. Chop it steep it eat it raw. Grind it up and snort it(really this is a joke guys). Just don’t boil it.
    • Sidekicks with these 3 bad dudes: Turmeric, Cayenne and Cinnamon. Good, organic grade and raw if you have access but they are good supporters dried as well.
  • My Bonus Runner Up: Zinc, particularly Zinc Lozenges– these are great if you like choking down chalk. But they work. But ick. I gag them down when I’m desperate. And my momma makes me.
  • Culinary Yums that are always good to have around:
    • Saurkraut or Kimchi-ZOMG my momma brought me some of this (this is not an affiliate link) after i got home and I cannot stay out of it. I do make my own saurkraut and we’ll chat about ferments at some point. It is COMPLETELY important that you get RAW FERMENTED or LIVING krauts or kimchi (or pickles or garlic). The canned or pasteurized stuff has about zilch for benefits.

      organic kimchi

      So. Tasty.

    • Kombucha or Kefir– I will eventually get around to trying to make this stuff, it’s really pricey to buy, but if you are sick grabbing a ginger based one of these will do way more for you than Canada Dry. I grabbed this at a Walmart on our way back to civilization this weekend and it was super tasty.
    • Bone Broth (the real stuff you make or your grandma makes not that canned or carton garbage)- I keep a few jars of this in my freezer at all times. Chicken is the easiest and cheapest to make. Don’t boil this and please don’t use your microwave, slow quiet simmer if you are making soup or just drink out of a tea cup.

That really wraps my list up. And I know you are all sitting and scratching your heads. WHERE’S THE ELDERBERRY SYRUP. I know. And I do have Elderberries, I do make syrup time to time but it’s like Echinacea. It’s best taken in cycles and as an early chase-it-away. I have mixed feelings on Elderberry syrup. Part of my mixed feelings are with it’s immune system trigger effect and persons that have or are prone to auto-immune disorders. I reserve judgement and WELCOME any evidence based (non corporate funded) info on the topic. And we do take it time to time.

Also, where I’m a sustainable herbalist I avoid using essential oils. I’m not into the MLM purity wars, I do not believe they should be ingested or sprinkled on everything (guys… these are EXTREMELY concentrated plant oils, some that are volatile, like napalm volatile….) and do you know how many plants must be used to make a single little bottle of lavender oil? Herbalist law, take a little leave a lot. Hard to do when you need thousands of pounds to make mere gallons. I have a few bottles of the basics I use sparingly. Mostly for insect repellents and aroma therapy.

Ahh I digress.

Really the Fire Cider is gold standard here.

And: I’m not a doctor, trained herbalist, nutritionist etc. I’m a mom. Not-A-Pro and am just sharing what my family uses with success. This is for information only. Not intended to treat or diagnose. If you are sick consult your care giver or physician.

Also: Not everyone does the natural route. I respect that and we balance here. I’m not crunchy enough for some and too crunchy for others. *Shrugs* I don’t really care what people think of me. And I encourage you to do what’s best for you and yours. Namaste. No mom hate please.

What are your go-to’s to support health? What do you pack in your travel kit? What’s in your first aid?

*last note, please no MLM trolling or pushing. Please and Thanks.


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At The Core Of It 3: HardCore Runner

Core Series Part 3

*This post contains affiliate links. Any products are ones I own and use

You want to be a runner?

Of course you do, why not? Everyone can run! (best cheerleader voice).

I’m being funny of course, but if you do want to be a runner, especially a Mother Runner, you need to strength train.

Runners are notorious for skipping mat or weight workouts in favor of a longer or extra day of running. I run right? Eh? I stretch… sometimes. That’s enough.


It’s really not. For one you are INCREASING your risk for injury by not core training in conjunction with running.

There’s a symbiotic relationship. A circle of life if you will, to maintaining a strong healthy body.

Cardio+Strength+Clean Diet

Trifecta of Health-oversimplified 🙂

Yeah that last one sucks sometimes. Especially when you just want to eat donuts and watch Netflix. Or in my potato addicted case munch down a bag of sweet potato chips and watch Supernatural (#teamdean) and drink a jar (or 2…) of wine.

I just totally went off topic.

If you haven’t yet, check out the first two in the core series here and here.

Ok, coming back to the topic at hand.

A strong core means a balanced runner. To simplify, your arms and legs and head stem from your trunk (core) and the better your core control, the more control you have over the movement of your limbs and extremities. You will have better form, better weight and impact distribution , better balance and posture. All that equates to a stronger, faster and more INJURY FREE (big big bonus there) runner.

Staying injury free is important for a lot of reasons, but any mom (or main care giver in general) will tell you how it’s the dawn of the apocalypse in the house if mom is out of commission. And women who have given birth and carried babies (or men and women who have gone through dramatic weight gain and loss or other destabilizing events) will have weaker core and pelvic strength. Additionally women’s bodies can take up to (sometimes over) a year to get back to pre-pregnancy stability. I’m not talking baby weight, I still have extra 15 of those from my first baby (he’s 13…). I’m talking about joints, internal organs, hormones etc. So be kind to yourselves and take it slow. Slow is worth stable and healthy gains. Going hard and fast will just land you on the DL.

We briefly went over what a core consists of in the first post in the series. But runner’s particularly want to focus on shoulders, chest, back, obliques (side abs) and abs (rectus/traverse). The strength in those area helps keep the torso stabilized and keeps your form fluid (not wobbly). It also keeps your stride even avoiding missteps. You are also able to make split second (ankle saving) adjustments in stride when you encounter obstacles. Like rocks, pot holes, or have to make sudden jumps into the soft sandy shoulder of a road because a driver isn’t paying attention. Ninja!

What are the best moves for runners?

I prefer dynamic (multi movement) exercises. Something that engages multiple muscle groups and throws your balance just enough to train you to compensate by engaging the core.

BodyFit by Amy uses a lot of dynamic and compound moves in her video’s. I’m really fond of her kettlebell videos (I use this bell *affiliate link).

20lb Kettlebell

My BFF <3

Here’s a link to a good set to start with that require no weights.

A few of my favorites (and someday I’ll get up the guts to do a photo set or video set. But I’m kind of shy believe it or not):

  • Russian Twists- I use a weight (you can use a dumbbell, plate, medicine ball…kbell… etc) and raise my legs for added benefit
  • Hip Bridges (GLUTES)- I rest a plate (or any weight) on my lower body for extra benefit, it does feel awkward FYI
  • Plank Rows- Gotta be honest I ALWAYS have to focus on my form with these, if I’m feeling bad ass I’ll add a push up. I use a bell, I cannot get down with the dumbbell plank row, it just never feels stable to me. But it is another option.
  • Lunge and Wood Chop- Want to talk about throwing your balance… Go slow and focus on form with these. I use a kettle bell with my chop (which is a twist over the opposite leg), but you can go no weight to practice the motion. Alternately you can lunge and pass a weight under your leg, a kettlebell is easiest for this.
  • Goblet Squat With a Chest Press- Alternately you can do a bicep curl at the bottom. I use a kbell, but you can use a dumbbell.
  • Single Leg Deadlifts– These are awesome. And tough. You really need to work your balance. You can go no weights, dumbbell or even a medicine ball. I use a kbell, duh. Adding a set of pulses after your deadlifts (hold it and pulse the extended leg) can kick it up a notch.

Those are *my* favorites but there are numerous ways to compound any basic core exercise. Additionally side and curtsy lunges are fantastic and also variable. But they are NOT my favorite. I know, strange. And I do them. But I do not LIKE them. 🙂

One last note, before I continue rambling and lose you all to my nonsense.

Variety. It’s the key to life right? It’s also the key to a strong core. Start small sure. But switch it up, try different tools keep it inconsistent. I tried and discarded a lot of different core methods before I’ve found some that I love. And even then I’m always looking for something a little different. Your muscles have long memories and it’s good to shake them up. Make them work a little differently. You’ll get better results. Just be sure not to isolate. Ya know, don’t skip leg day bro.

Do you strength train? What are some of your favorite moves? Who do you follow, if anyone?

Be well


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Sometimes Life Gets In The Way

I know.

You are all patiently waiting for the next At The Core Of It in the series (here are 1 and 2).

Truth be told this has been a difficult week. The fall out from our rear end accident (read about that here) has been consuming. And intrusive. And I’ve developed shoulder and hip tightness and pain so now I’m having to deal with getting that handled. And everyone looking at me like I’m making sh** up to get money. Ya I love taking what limited time I have and spending it at doctors, on the phone and having my active lifestyle hampered because someone was on their phone not paying attention….

Okkkayyy sorry, I got a little ranty.

Also this kid.

Baxter Brewing

Yeah he’s mine… PS if you ever get the chance to try Baxter Brewing Beer or stop into their brew pub(Maine), i HIGHLY recommend them. Not only is their beer tasty (or so I remember fondly as I cannot have it now- stupid gluten) but they are funky fun and give a lot to our community.

Sigh. This has been a rough week for him. He’s been stimulated, compulsive, loud. Sensory maxed and I am failing horribly at patient parenting. And to boot Micro-Heathen has been up his butt. They’ve been tussling around like a pair of MMA fighters. Con.stant.ly.

There is screaming and blood like every 5 minutes. I wish I was kidding. Usually when we have to leave one of them will spontaneously start bleeding from the nose.  I mean… I meaannnnn…

They haven’t stopped.

Look I’m serious Not even once.

Also this weekend was race #2 in our 3 race 5K series that I am on the committee for. There is a lotttt of planning and logistics that happen year round, but the 3 days prior to race day there is a flurry. I am in charge of the kids fun run that I also coordinate with our local Fire

Me being a pro, doing my job… Wishing I could have all the beer.

Department (they sponsor it). This second race is arguably the toughest, it’s very hilly and usually really hot (July in Maine oy). Our family decided to make this a ‘family’ race. I.E. both of us parents pushing strollers. We had our bib pickup at Baxter Brewing and they generously provided runners picking up their bibs with a draft beer AND a 6-pack of their Summer Swelter. Amazingly generous!


It’s so rewarding to work with the greatest group on this committee, and it’s rewarding to be actually giving back to my community and encouraging healthy habits (all the 3 charities we benefit do programs aimed at helping kids be involved in sports and fitness with scholarships, in addition kids under 14 run free).

But peopling is so exhausting. I am an introvert. Not one of those ‘extroverted’ introverts. No I legitimately am just plain an introvert. I require a day of recovery after putting on my best awkward interactions.

So basically its Wednesday. And my brain already feels like it’s leaking out of my ear, i want wine Friday and a big bag of potato chips (I could eat these by the case) and Supernatural on Netflix in my air conditioned bedroom. Who am I kidding, it’s Wine Wednesday. I guess I can wait on my one junky food reprieve until Friday.

I will say I am proud of Mini-Heathen. He ran like the wind for his 1/4 mile race <3.

Galen Running

Look at that form!

How do you pull through those rough weeks? What self-care do you enjoy?

I’ll get on that third Core post by the weekend. I sorta promise in a broad kind of way.

Be Well


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Supplement Roulette

Supplement RouletteSupplements.

It’s such a weird word. It’s weird that we need to supplement just to be healthy. We live in such a crazy toxic world.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on what would be best for my sensory kid, Mini Heathen. Oh man what a rabbit hole. Check out my post on him here if you haven’t already.

What I keep seeing is higher protein, healthy fat and lower carb/gluten diet.

I found this article very helpful on Magnesium.

This article has great nutritional info, even if some of it isn’t realistic for us with tight time and finances. I am going to work to implement as many changes as I realistically can for Mini H.

*Please note, these are affiliate links but are all products we use here

Some things we already have implemented:

  • Tart Cherry Juice (I use this brand)
    Tart cherry juice is supposed to help with sleep. It has a natural melatonin affect. Mama Natural has a great post about it here.
  • While I’d like to explore Magnesium Threonate, we have started with this brand of powdered magnesium. We use ¼ tsp in his tart cherry juice just after dinner (I also add a little raw honey and water to the juice to make it palatable, it’s a bit harsh on its own).
  • He is on this omega supplement; however we may need to change it up. The texture of the gel tabs makes him gaggy.
  • We use this probiotic. We may need to increase the dose.
  • I’m also working to cut down gluten/carbs and increase protein and fats. I’ve started adding these hemp hearts to everything from his peanut butter and raw honey sandwiches. I’m looking for a high quality protein powder that is plant based (NOT soy) and has no added sweeteners. We looked at this kind recently. I am open to suggestions!
  • We have eliminated artificial dyes already, but this child loves hot dogs. We’ll focus on eliminating or finding nitrate free brands that aren’t going to break the bank.

Whew. I know we need to make MANY more changes and it’ll be a lot of trial and error. More importantly I think this summer and its lack of schedule is really wrenching up his anxiety. This weekend was hard for him (and us) and I’m hoping that a week of half day camp next month (his little school offers) will help reset him. Until then I need to keep him busy.

Check out my Pinterest board on SPD and please send along suggestions!

What dietary and supplemental changes have you made for your child to address an imbalance? What suggestions might you have for me?

Be well.


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At The Core Of It Part Deux- Diastasis Recti

At The Core Of It Part Deux|Diastasis Recti

In the first post of this series we briefly touched on what the core is and why strengthening is important. The third post is on core strength and running.

In this post we’ll focus on Diastasis Recti and how to identify and correct before embarking on your 8-pack abs journey (heh).

What is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti is when your abdominals separate, usually during pregnancy when there’s a strain put on these muscles. In effect leaving your abdominal wall exposed and weakened core ability. Men can always experience this, typically from heavy lifting and extreme dieting (gain and loss). It’s why a lot of women struggle to lose that ‘pooch’ in their gut. No amount of sit ups or planks are going to correct that if it is “DR”(Diastasis Recti).

According to Mayo Clinic[1]:

“ You might be more likely to develop diastasis recti as a result of pregnancy if you:

  • Are older than 35
  • Have a multiple pregnancy
  • Deliver a baby who has a high birth weight
  • Have repeated pregnancies”

**While it’s always recommended that you seek out a health care provider to properly diagnose any suspected condition there are ways to discern if you have DR.

Is it Diastasis Recti?

There are a lot of resources on the web for DR, I personally liked Lindsay Brin’s-Moms Into Fitness informational video on DR found here. She goes over the self test so you can try to determine if it is a separation and from there work with your care provider on a treatment plan. Mild cases (2 to 3 finger widths), are considered mild and easily fixable with a specific core plan. You’ll want to avoid a lot of traditional core exercises, such as planks and twists and any move that you are hinging your body over and pushing down on the already separated walls (which would likely exacerbate it.).

Credit to Mayo Clinic|Separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy


Shit it’s DR, what do I do now?

Again, please seek a qualified care provider to properly diagnose and treat any suspected medical condition. If the DR is mild enough there’s a lot you can do to gently strengthen and close the gap.
You’ll want to focus on closing then building core strength. BodyFit By Amy has a great short 8 min video here. Lindsay Brin-Moms Into Fitness has a series of post-natal core video’s here that all have modifiers for DR.

I know it can be frustrating to scale back and go slow, but healing the gap will give credence to all that hard work you want to do to build your core strength.

As always check out my Mother Runner Board on Pinterest for more information, and look for the next post in my not-a-pro Core series. If you haven’t already, check out the 1st post: At The Core Of It

Be Well.





[1] Mayo Clinic| Why do abdominal muscles sometimes separate during pregnancy? http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/pregnancy-week-by-week/expert-answers/diastasis-recti/faq-20057825

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My Heart of My Heart

So I have all these plans for posts. And I’m working it to get my blog looking good and maybe scoring a little extra money someday from this venture.

I’m feeling good about things, even if progress goes.so.slow.

Yesterday I took the 4 heathens to the local state park beach. We met friends and had a nice day. It’s finally summer here in Maine (yeah I know only took 2 months to show up). We’ll have this weather for approximately one month before cold steely dark gray death swamps its way in. So we try to enjoy as much as possible. FYI- Maine has a state parks pass that’s worth it’s weight in gold. It’s a fraction of what you spend in admission fees for parks ALL over our great state. Beaches, historic sites, loads of hiking (both trail and mountains). Land and wildlife preservation is a BIG deal to us Mainers.

So we are all packed up and headed home. Micro heathen was snoozing and i made a quick pit stop at a farm market for produce. Is it just me or do kids eat approximately 45 pounds of apples, oranges, berries and bananas and 65 pounds of carrots, cucumber and celery in 4 days? So i loaded my box of mid week produce into our large SUV (I will die before i cave into the mini van). And off we went.

And I promptly mired myself into the wrong lane, turning onto a longer back way home. Sigh, whatever, I thought to myself. We aren’t in a major hurry and it’s only 3 or 4 extra minutes.

Driving the slightly winding back road, there’s a turn to a semi private beach. A car was waiting to turn into, so I slowed to a stop and was talking to my daughter in the passenger seat.

I heard brakes squealing and before it registered I felt the impact shove us forward.

Have you ever felt the whole world get the air sucked out like a black hole? My heart stopped. And I immediately grabbed my daughter and started checking everyone over. Panic welled up inside me like a tidal wave.

My babies. ALL my babies are in this car. This car. Someone just hit my car.

My eldest son was in the third row seat. Are you ok? How do you feel?

The next half hour was awash in accident reports and damage inspection and exchanging information. The girl was barely driving age, had been talking on her phone and because of the glare didn’t see my gigantic gray SUV stopped until it was too late to stop.

(*so you know we are all fine, the trailer hitch on our truck took the brunt of the impact. Micro heathen slept through it, he’s still rear facing in his seat which I’m certain helped dull the impact. Mini heathen is also still in a 5 point harness. I’m a HUGE advocate for car seat safety and have a post planned down the line. The insurance company will be replacing their seats)

I can’t explain this shaking terror I can still feel. That feeling of your world stopping.

Someone said once: “Life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans” (some people say it was John Lennon but I think it was said long before that).

Life is painful and messy and wonderful and exciting. Sometimes it’s dull and boring and monotonous. And it has a way of reminding you that it’s short and there are fewer things more important than those you love.

My world:

Sebago Lake Park Maine

State Park Camping is the best!

Be well folks.



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At The Core Of It

*Please note this post contains affiliate links, all are products I own and use

Ok back to a subject I love.




Ooh ahh… Deadlifts.

Arguably the best things you can do to stabilize your core.

Well there’s more to it, but as I touched on in my Self Care post, stop doing kegels. Here’s why[1].

This will be a several part not-a-pro series on why core strengthening is important, and how to apply it to life and running (especially if you’re a mother runner). Today is just dipping our toes in the water to gain an understanding of the core.

*note there are affiliate links to products I use and I also reference other blogs/YouTube videos, all which I use and support!*

Thanks to our culture of working ourselves to death at a desk and sedentary entertainment (Netflix and chill for 48 hours?), most people have pelvic floor dysfunction and/or hip dysfunctions (narrowed, tight etc.). We also have a much higher rate of cardiovascular disease. Sitting is literally killing you[2].

Good nutrition is also key but that’ll be another series.

Here is a good article on what your “core[3]” consists of.

Good Core Diagram from Ripped N Fit-http://www.rippednfit.com/fitness/your-abs-explained

A stable core has more benefit than just athletics, a stable core benefits your overall balance and helps to equalize the load you put on your joints.  It also helps condition our body. You know how you ‘tweak’ your back, or ‘pull something’ in your knees lifting heavy furniture, boxes etc.? Core strengthening works to help you distribute the weight to avoid strains. Want to be able to chase your kids up trees and through those weird twisty tunnels at indoor amusement parks? Have you tried the monkey bars as an adult on the playground (uhh or is that just me…)? Core strength.

Also, (in a HEALTHY pregnancy where exercise is greenlight go from your caregiver) it can help make pregnancy and childbirth easier and your recovery much faster. Here’s a good article[4] on that. For Micro heathen consistent strength training during my pregnancy paid off. He was my fastest (sub 3 hour total labor!), easiest birth and quickest recovery. Not to mention the positive influence exercise had on my mental well being and heart rate/blood pressure. He rocketed out like a bowling ball. Thankfully we’d planned a home birth lol (we’ll do a future post highlighting his birth and why I’m a huge proponent of informed choices in birth).

My BFF <3

Core strengthening should be done dynamically and with compound movements. Gone are the days of sweat bands and leg warmers while you did approximately 600 crunches. Those crunches will strengthen only about a tenth of your actual core. Dynamic moves use several motions that force you to engage your muscles. They will also frequently throw you off balance, just enough to prompt your core to engage. You’re ‘tricking’ those muscles into working. I love Body Fit By Amy’s YouTube channel. She does a fantastic job of explaining the importance of being off balance, and moving all your muscles even if you are focusing on a specific set. I use her kettlebell and some body weight only videos nearly exclusively. This is my favorite kettlebell, the plastic ones tend to be too big and awkward and hard to grab ‘by the horns’. Here Body Fit By Amy has a series of instructional videos that I found very helpful.

So to wrap up:

  • Everyone needs a stable core
  • Sitting might be killing you
  • Ladies stop with the kegels, squat it out
  • Focus on Dynamic moves
    • Kettlebell Windmills
    • Side Planks with leg lifts
    • Goblet Squats/Wood Chop Squats
    • And many more! Body Fit By Amy does a great job with her videos!

What information about core stability and pelvic floor health would you like to know more about? What does your current regiment (if any) consist of? Are you a core-pro, a well read amateur (le moi) or like ‘core what?’?

Here are part 2 and 3 in the series.

Keep an eye on my Mother Runner Pinterest board also!


Best xo

*Please note: I am in no way a professional, I do seek out professionals and have done extensive reading on the subject. I have footnoted this post so you can have a jumping off point for your own research.


[1] Breaking Muscle – Stop Doing Kegels: Real Pelvic Floor Advice For Women (and Men) https://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/stop-doing-kegels-real-pelvic-floor-advice-for-women-and-men

[2] Mayo Clinic- What are the risks of sitting too much? http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/expert-answers/sitting/faq-20058005

[3] Breaking Muscle- Do You Know What Your Core Really Is and What it Does? https://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/do-you-know-what-your-core-really-is-and-what-it-does

[4] Be Fit Mom- Strength and Core Conditioning During Pregnancy http://www.befitmom.com/strength-training-during-pregnancy.php

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Finding Your Way Through The Fault Forest


We all have em. It’s especially hard to admit to them.

It’s incredibly hard when you have children/dependents and are desperate to hide those faults or at least minimize the damage you cause them. They are basically complete innocents that you help to shape. Words are like chinks in the armor or wind beneath wings.

Words hurt. Especially when you do not understand that mom has faults.

My brand of faults comes from my father. They are impatience, anger and rigidness. My father had his own damages he passed on to me. He passed away a year and a half ago and I still struggle with the relationship I had with him. That may be a future post.

I understand these faults and I know they stem from anxiety. I’ve mostly managed to work through coping with them.

Without laying my truths totally out there, I’ll circle this wagon back.

Two-Year old Mini Heathen needing some momma time

Mini Heathen (or Heathen 3, or my five year old) has always been pretty sensory sensitive. He had such terrible separation anxiety at daycare his first year, I left my career in IT management to be home with him. Thanks to a wonderful babywearing and natural parenting community I was queued into wearing him (which I did until he was 4 and I was preggo with micro heathen) and educated on extended breastfeeding. Both which brought him comfort and managed his sensitivities. He hated theme parks and carnivals. Most 2 or 3 year olds would be racing from ride to ride or game to game at a theme park. Mine would walk through with his hands on his ears or pressed into my body in a ring sling or his carrier.   I didn’t know it at the time but these were early signs of SPD (sensory processing disorder). Slowly I noticed his speech didn’t seem to be where it should be. We attempted preschool when he was 3 and he was so terribly hysterical and anxious I pulled him out after a week (and yes we tried everything, even leaving him. He screamed hysterically and got bloody noses. I wasn’t going to traumatize him).

Note the hair. There was a 3 year period the mere mention of bath sent him into a hysterical meltdown. He still will not tolerate water on his face.

Other signs fell into place when Micro heathen was born and he was 4.5. Suddenly he was a mess, he was chewing his nails, talking over everyone. Having meltdowns and obsessive behaviors with the TV and Kindle. He would climb all over my husband, wrapping himself literally around his head. His weight gain dropped off, despite a healthy diet. He developed textural issues with foods. We got into a Montessori/Reggio based charter school and he was screened for Pre-K. They mentioned right off he seemed to have some short term recall issues with speech and memory. I had a new baby however and 2 other kids and it was summer time and I was like :

“Eh. They only saw him for 10 minutes. How can they form that much of an opinion in 10 minutes?” And shrugged it off as he was acclimating to not being the baby anymore. And it was summer and I wanted to enjoy my kids and loose schedules.

He started Pre-K and to my relief he did very well in this supportive, small school environment. But his teachers gently told me they thought he should have speech evals done. Fast forward to nearing the end of the school year and I was awash in all these terms and IEP reports and a stack of books I have no time for reading and a defiant, stimulated 5 year old. And all these terms and suggestions and occupational therapists…. And…and…

My faults have reared their ugly head. Finding the flexibility and patience for this new

He has a naturally affinity for animals

challenge in our life has been absolutely draining for me and my SO and the elder 2 heathens. We are all struggling to strike a balance and give Mini Heathen the support he needs, but at the same time not completely burn ourselves into the ground and everything around us. Add in Micro Heathen’s burgeoning toddlerhood (pulling out my hair) and it’s been chaotic.

So I’m asking the question, how do you deal with your faults? Do you have a SPD/spectrum child in your life? What are your suggestions? Currently on my reading list (note: These are affiliate links but as you see from the cover they are legitimately books on my reading list):

The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun, Revised Edition: Activities for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder
Carol Stock Kranowitz M.A.

Self-Reg: How to Help Your Child (and You) Break the Stress Cycle and Successfully Engage with Life
– Dr. Stuart Shanker

Raising Your Spirited Child, Third Edition: A Guide for Parents Whose Child Is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent, and Energetic
– Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

Also please follow/send suggestions to my SPD Pinterest board! I’m hoping to collect some good resources to go through.

Be healthy and be kind to yourself.



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